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Inhabitants: 2.600

The little village Neuhofen on the Ybbs River is the cradle of Austria!

In the year 996 Emperor Otto III gave the bishopric of Freising (Bavaria) thirty royal hides of land (the equivalent of some 1000 hectares) in Neuhofen on the Ybbs, together with all that belonged to that land, including woodland, game reserves and honey-producing flora. This much can be gleaned from the imperial document if its content is considered as being confined to the transfer of property.

In this document the name “Ostarrichi” (Austria) appears for the first time. This document can be viewed in an exhibition in the new Ostarrichi-Kulturhof in Neuhofen/Ybbs.

The church in the centre of Neuhofen/Ybbs

The market place of Neuhofen/Ybbs. Here was the birthplace of Austria in 996!

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Relaxresort Kothmühle
Kothmühle 1
3364 Neuhofen an der Ybbs

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